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How to Buy

We will try to explain you step by step how to get the product you've chosen.

First of all, you have 2 options : register or not register at the site.

If you do not want to record ... it does not matter .... the path to purchase one of our products does not change. The record has a few advantages that will allow you to save precious time . You can retrieve your personal information without having to retype each order, select your preferred place of delivery , and above all see your previous purchases with the ability to place orders the same or similar without having to reselect the various products to put in shopping cart.

Once you have selected the items you are interested in and put in the basket, you must confirm the order , enter your personal information and choose the mode of payment and delivery .

You can pay:

  •     ▪ online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard , American Express and American Express ) or Paypal and your card details are encrypted, are transmitted directly to the Bank, which shall authorize the payment in real time. The transaction is protected by the most advanced encryption system exists.
  •     ▪ delivery courier in cash by paying a fee of € 5.50.
  •     ▪ at  desk in our store with pick & pay with all the systems used in the store : Cash , cards and ATM (No AMEX).

at the end you see the order summary will also send you via email.

The information contained in our showcase are only an invitation to offer , and the contract will be concluded only with the receipt of our order confirmation.

For more information about your orders please write to us: [email protected]