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General Condition of Sale

The disposal of assets - in succession pruducts - by Silvio Barello snc of Vittorio Giacovelli & C. with registered office  in Via Lupetta 2 Ang. Via Torino - 20123 Milano - in succession BarelloLENS - by the webside  BarelloLENS, to third parties - in succession cunstumer/s - are regolated by the following genral conditions of sale - in suscession general conditions -, which constitute an integral and substantial part of all contracts concluded between the BarelloLENS and customers.

BarelloLENS reserves the right to modify at any time the terms and conditions, changes will be effective upon their publication on the BarelloLENS, being understood their implementation to supplies made ??after such release date.

1. Content

These conditions govern the contracts of the sale of the products displayed by BarelloLENS within the web-site.

The exposure of the products does not constitute a public offer in no circumstances, but rather an invitation to offer.

2. Orders and conclusion of contracts

2.1 To send an order is necessary, by completing the appropriate form, to complete the order in its entirety, to pay the total amount of the order  by credit card or directly to the courier on delivery.

2.2 received the customer's order, which will constitute the proposal of purchase, and the communication of the payment from the bank, BarelloLENS will send to the customer ,by e-mail to the address stated by the customer at time of order, confirmation of the same, that will constitute your acceptance of the proposal.

2.3 The contract of the sale of products between BarelloLENS and the customer will end in the moment of receiving by the customer of the order confirmation of BarelloLENS.

2.4 There may be the non-availability of products ordered by the customer.In this case BarelloLENS will inform the customer in the shortest time and will refund the sum to the customer , eventually already paid by way of price of the product / s that are not available, and transport, the client shall not be entitled to other reimbursement and / or compensation and / or reimbursement for damages of any kind.

2.5 All documentation accounting and tax on the sale of products, will be issued on the basis of information provided by clients in the registration process and in the compilation order. The documentation will be sent to the customer, who filling in the various form, guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of such data, and is committed to updating them. In this document will be highlighted separately the cost of delivery

3. Prices

3.1 Unless otherwise specified, all prices shown include VAT at BarelloLENS.

3.2 The selling prices of the products will be those in force at the time of conclusion of the contract and visible on BarelloLENS. In the event of a change in prices anyway BarelloLENS will apply to the customer the price in force at the time of order.

4. Delivery of products

4.1 The delivery obligation shall be deemed fulfilled by BarelloLENS giving the products to the carrier.

4.2 Delivery costs are borne by the customer, which will pay these together with products, BarelloLENS reserves the right not to charge the customer the cost of delivery, in whole or in part.

4.3 The delivery of the products to the customer will be looked after by the courier in the manner and at the address, road floor , specified in the order. The indication of the preferable time of delivery is indicative only and doesn't bind neither the courier nor the BarelloLENS.

4.4The delivery times indicated in  BarelloLENS will normally be respected by couriers, BarelloLENS in any case will not be liable for any delays.

5. Warranty

5.1 BarelloLENS preserves and manages the products carefully, and guarantees the  material integrity of these at the time of delivery.

5.2 The customer is obligated under penalty of forfeiture to report any defects and / or flaws, by written notice, within eight days of their discovery. If  the warranty is still operating the customer will be entitled to a replacement of / the product / s with defects and / or flaws, if it's possible and anyway at the expense of BarelloLENS, of / the product / s with defects and / or faults, or to a refund of the price paid for such products.

5.3 If  breakages appear or tampering of the products contained in the package the customer will reject the package, explaining the reasons for rejection in the delivery note. It is responsibility of BarelloLENS to contact the customer who will decide between a new shipment, free of charge, or refund of the price and of the delivery charges.

5.4 it is still lingering the right of withdrawal eventually entitled to the customer.

5.5 The right of withdrawal decays if the material in question proves violated or tampered with, by law the withdrawal can not be exercised on the medical surgical devices whose seals have been broken, so neither on contact lenses or on liquids whose packaging  original have been opened.

6. Rigth of Withdrawal

To the customer - if it is a natural person who is acting for purposes not related to their professional activity - have the right of withdrawal provided in Article 5 of Legislative Decree no. 185/1999, exercisable without penalty and
without specifying the reason.

The withdrawal must be exercised within ten working days from the day you received the products, by sending a written notice, sent by registered letter, that will make known the intention to withdraw from the contract at the Silvio Barello snc Via Lupetta 2 20123 Milano - Italy, e-mail [email protected]

The notification referred to above may be sent within the same term by telegram, telex, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter within forty-eight hours

Although it is not requested any reason the right of withdrawal, in order to improve the service, we invite the customer,that anyway is not forced, indicating the reasons for its failure to satisfy.
In case of exercising the right to withdraw the products already delivered must be returned to the BarelloLENS, undamaged and in their original packaging by at the expense of the customer.

The return of products must be made within a maximum of ten working days from the date of receipt of the goods.

BarelloLENS once received the product and verified their integrity, will provide in the shortest time and in any case within thirty days of becoming aware of the right of withdrawal, to the credit, in the manner indicated in the notice of exercise of the withdrawal,of the price as shown in the accounting records sent to the customer, the returned products.

The withdrawal can not, by law, be exercised on contact lens or on liquids, as these products are, by their nature, subjected to rapid alteration and deterioration.