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Shipping & Delivery


Product availability is always specified in the product detail page.

There are different levels of availability:

  •     ▪ Product Available: the product can be ordered immediately and in a short time will arrive at your home or at the Pick & Pay chosen by you.
  •     ▪ Product to be ordered: we do not have  the product in our stock and  as result of your order will be ordered from the producer  that , with rare exceptions , has in  stock .  it can be necessary from 3 to 7 days for receiving full the goods in stock and proceed to shipment.
  •     ▪ Custom Made product: This type of product is not available in stock because  it is produced behind the customer requirements. This involves waiting time of about 15-20 days to allow Pthe producer to put into production the requested object , they will ship when the product is available again.

Shipping time

The time of shipping of each product is always displayed in our page.

    ▪ How is this time estimated?

We have to consider not only the availability but also  the time required for the administration of the order. Orders with on-line payment (credit card , PayPal, Cart)  Pick & Pay and with courier have a quicker delivery. Shipping time can change by changing payment method and delivery method . For example, types of deferred payment may vary the date of shipment. In these cases order will be processed once the order data have been confirmed.

To have an idea of the expected time for each destination in Europe, please refer to the table of the Courier you have chosen. Note: You have to specify the starting location is Milan (Italy).

The date given may be subject of change for organizational and logistical reasons .Once you have confirmed your order and select the mode of payment and delivery BarelloLENS processes your order and deliver the material to the carrier for shipment to your home or Pick & Pay as you choose.

Delivery Options:

If I am not at home when the courier arrives, How can I do?

With BarelloLENSyou can choose the delivery method you prefer:

    ▪ Pick & Pay

The most reliable, fast and economical. Choose the Pick & Pay closest to your home or office , we will send you an  SMS or  email when your order is ready for pickup. From that moment you will have 5 working days  to pick up your order.

    ▪ Express Courier

The faster delivery mode  to your home : 1/2 working days, unless uncomfortable place , since the courier collects the goods at our warehouse .

Cost of delivery

Shipping cost is fixed on the basis of weight  volume of products purchased . It can vary by selecting additional services, such as delivery to the floor , delivery or withdrawal rescheduled to Pick & Pay. The details of costs will always be updated in the cart.

Delivery  of your purchase

In every moment you can check the status of your orders on “my Account” , Order state.

Some small tips for the receiving of the goods :

  •     ▪ Check that the number of packages delivered is the same of  the transport document
  •     ▪ Check that the packaging is in perfect condition and not altered even in the closing strip .
  •     ▪ If possible, unpack the product immediately and make sure that is not damaged.

In case of tampering and - or breaks, you will need to immediately challenge the shipment and / or delivery by adding the words "subject to control goods for  ..... " (indicate motivation ) on the delivery document received by courier or by Pick & Pay.

Then send us a message using the form Contacts

The signal must be received no later than seven days of recieving of the goods in the manner prescribed by the operator chosen for the shipping and-  or delivery and - or operator.